O’Hara Super Air Mart and Daikin Australia
O’Hara Super Air Mart is proud to be one of Daikin’s award winning specialist dealers. Daikin Australia Pty Ltd has been distributing air conditioning systems in Australia for over 30 years and currently lead the domestic air conditioning market. Daikin is unique in that they distribute their product only through Daikin specialist dealers like O’Hara. Daikin believe by marketing this way, they are able to maintain a higher quality of installation and service. Daikin are leaders in technology and are commited to research and customer service. Visit the Daikin web site to discover more about the Daikin and “DSP” (Dakin Synchronised Power) because “That’s the Daikin Difference” (see link below).

O’Hara Super Air Mart and Daikin strive to achieve a high standard of customer service by offering individual solutions to the air conditioning needs of each individual client. O’Hara can supply and install:

• Cooling only and reverse (heating) cycle air conditioning units.
• Wall mount split system air conditioners.
• Wall mount “inverter” split system air conditioners.
• Multi inverter and Super Multi inverter split system air conditioners.
• Ceiling mount cassette type split system air conditioners.
• Ceiling mount “inverter” cassette type split system air conditioners.
• Floor mount / ceiling mount split system air conditioners.
• Ducted inverter (Single-Phase) air conditioning.
• Ducted (3Phase) air conditioning.

Visit our workshop and see our working display of the products we supply and install.

Latest Product Release
Daikin are aware of the home decor conscious client and have introduced the “L” series, which offers a sleek, stylish and sensational modern look to enhance the latest decor of today. The “L” series also offers a world first where it incorporates the Titanium Apatiete Photocatalytic Air Purifying filter. This air filtering system can eliminate odours and deactivate bacteria and viruses. At the same time Daikin products are very user friendly and offer easy climate control for every user.

What is an Inverter?
An inverter is a more advanced technology in air conditioning systems. It reaches the desired room temperature faster and constantly adjusts to maintain the requested temperature. This means uninterrupted comfort and significant energy savings. The intelligent eye technology is an infrared sensor, which automatically controls the air conditioner operation according to the human movement in the room. The inverter models can achieve 30% more operation efficiency than conventional models, thus keeping your electricity bills to a minium. The inverter system is super quiet bringing you maximum peace and comfort along with user friendly operating controls.


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